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A look at who is on the $ 2 Bill?

There seems to be a bit of a renewed interest in the question of "Who is on the 2 Bill?"  The easy answer to that question is: Thomas Jefferson.  That is true.  He is the president that is listed on the front of the $2 bill.  But the answer is not that simple.  On the back of the $2 bill, there is an engraving of the famous painting by John Trumbull entitled: "The Declaration of Independence".  Although not representing the full painting, the image on the back of the 2 dollar bill includes most of the people from that famous painting.  So why are so many people interested in the question of Who is on the 2 Bill?  Perhaps it is because there are rumors circulating that indicate that one of the people depicted in the image is black.  Other rumors also contend that the person in question is John Hanson.  Furthermore, it is even circulating that this black person was in fact the real first president of the United States!  The rumors seem to indicate that this information has been concealed from the public in an effort to purposely cover up the facts of history.  Is there any truth to any of these rumors?  Let's take a look at Who is on the 2 Bill.   

Who is on the 2 Bill

From a general Left to Right direction, below is a listing of Who is on the 2 Bill

  1. Benjamin Harrison - Virginia

  2. Richard Henry Lee - Virginia

  3. Samuel Adams - Massachusetts

  4. George Clinton - New York

  5. William Paca - Maryland

  6. Samuel Chase - Maryland

  7. Lewis Morris - New York

  8. William Floyd - New York

  9. Arthur Middleton - South Carolina

  10. Thomas Heyward, Jr. - South Carolina

  11. Charles Carroll - Maryland

  12. George Walton - Georgia

  13. Robert Morris - Pennsylvania

  14. Thomas Willing - Pennsylvania

  15. Benjamin Rush - Pennsylvania

  16. Elbridge Gerry - Massachusetts

  17. Robert Treat Paine - Massachusetts

  18. Abraham Clark - New Jersey

  19. Stephen Hopkins - Rhode Island

  20. William Ellery - Rhode Island

  21. George Clymer - Pennsylvania

  1. William Hooper - North Carolina

  2. Joseph Hewes - North Carolina

  3. James Wilson - Pennsylvania

  4. Francis Hopkinson - New Jersey

  5. John Adams - Massachusetts

  6. Roger Sherman - Connecticut

  7. Robert Livingston - New York

  8. Thomas Jefferson - Virginia

  9. Benjamin Franklin - Pennsylvania

  10. Richard Stockton - New Jersey

  11. Francis Lewis - New York

  12. John Witherspoon - New Jersey

  13. Samuel Huntington - Connecticut

  14. William Williams - Connecticut

  15. Oliver Wolcott - Connecticut

  16. John Hancock - Massachusetts

  17. Charles Thomson - Pennsylvania

  18. George Read - Delaware

  19. John Dickinson - Pennsylvania

  20. Edward Rutledge - South Carolina

So, it appears that there is no image of John Hanson on the back of the $2 bill.  Furthermore, historically John Hanson was not even a black man (unless coincidentally there was more than one man by that name who had a similar role in history).  In addition, some people contend that there is proof to these rumors, because on some $2 bills the man sitting in position #13 has a dark complexion.  However, the man shown in position 13 is Robert Morris of Pennsylvania.  Furthermore, the darkened complexion shown on some of the bills is simply a color shading issue on some of the bills.  Robert Morris of Pennsylvania was not black.  So how did this whole cover up conspiracy rumor start?  Hard to know for sure... in fact, it's hard to know for sure all of the details of what happened over 200 years ago, but the myths and rumors surrounding Who is on the 2 Bill continues to intrigue and interest many American people.