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An Overview of the History of Snickers Candy Bar

Made with a nougat base, topped with peanuts and caramel, and surrounded by milk chocolate, the Snickers candy bar has become the most popular chocolate bar in the world.  In order to look at the history of Snickers candy bar, it's a good idea to also take a quick look at the history behind the man and company that invented it.  The Mars family has always taken a very private stance on their family, so pictures are not easily found of Frank Mars or other family members.  What we do know about this confectionary giant is that Franklin Clarence Mars was born in Minnesota on September 24, 1883.  At an early age, he helped his mother make candy in their home kitchen.  After high school, Frank began selling candy and later started various businesses.  In 1911, Frank and his wife were producing candy out of their Tacoma, Washington kitchen.  Later, in 1920, Frank and his wife Ethel moved to Minnesota and started the Mar-O-Bar company. 

History of Snickers Candy Bar

By the end of the 1920's, the Mars family was very successful, and they were on their way to becoming a world leader in chocolate snack bars.  Snickers was invented in 1930 and was a big hit.  Over 80 years later, it continues to be a big hit!  In 1934, a few short years after he invented the Snickers bar, Frank Mars died at the age of only 50.  His legacy continues to live on in the MILLIONS of Mars candy bars sold every day!  The Snickers was formerly called "Marathon" in the UK, but the name was changed to "Snickers" worldwide in 1990.           

History of Snickers Candy Bar

On a related note, in case you are wondering how Frank and Ethel Mars came up with the name Snickers, it was the name of one of their favorite horses.  Frank and Ethel enjoyed horses and once owned Milky Way Farms in How Did the Snickers Bar Get its NameTennessee consisting of over 2000 acres of beautiful Tennessee countryside dedicated to the Mars family equestrian interests.  It is also reported that one of Ethel Mar's horses, Gallahadion, won the Kentucky Derby in 1940 (see picture on left).  The Mars candy company has greatly expanded over the years and is currently one of the largest privately owned businesses in the world.  Still run by Mars family members, the company continues on with many of the early principles and practices that have helped make Mars candy a success around the world.  The Snickers bar alone accounts for nearly $2 BILLION worth of Mars annual sales.  More than 15 MILLION Snickers bars are produced worldwide each DAY!  That's a LOT of Snickers bars!  Nearly 100 tons of peanuts go into those 15 million Snickers every day.  The history of Snickers candy bar is an ongoing success story in the candy business.