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An Overview of the History of Skittles Candy

To look at the history of Skittles candy, it's not a bad idea to take a brief glance at the history of the Mars candy company.  Frank C. Mars and his wife Ethel started the Mars company back in 1911.  Well before this time, Frank was making candy with his Mom as a young boy.  Later, he and his wife Ethel began producing candy in their own kitchen.  It was from this humble beginning, that the huge Mars candy company has grown.  Today, Skittles are marketed through the Wrigley company which is a subsidiary of the Mars company.           

History of Skittles Candy

Now on to the history of Skittles candy...  Skittles were first sold in Europe starting around 1974.  In 1979, Skittles first started to be imported for sale in the United States.  They continued to be manufactured in Europe and exported to the US up until 1982.  At that point, the Skittles sold in the US also were produced in the US.  A wide variety of different flavors have been released over the years.  The "Original Fruit" variety of Skittles consists of the following flavors: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape, and Strawberry.  In 1989, a couple new flavors were introduced: Tropical and Wild Berry.  The next variety of Skittles was Sour and it was released in 2000.  It wasn't until 2009, that the dual flavor Crazy Cores Skittles were introduced.  More recently, the Fizzl'd Fruit flavor was introduced in 2010.  More than 200,000,000 individual Skittles are produced each day!  That's over 47,000 bags of Skittles each and every day.  Another interesting bit of Skittles candy trivia is the fact that it takes around 8 hours to put the candy coating on the outside of the fruit center.  The history of Skittles candy continues to be written as this popular candy is sold around the world.